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Erie, PA - Aug 18

My mom had some oral surgery that day, but she made it to the concert.  Nothing will keep her from those boys.  She had a great time.  This was her first minus J and BB, but she said she left on that HCTM high just as she always has.  She found a friend that had a handmade mummy that she bumped into at the Warner the previous year.  I don't think she knew her name though.  
She bought two of the Underground CD's.  She mentioned the barricade too and reminisced about how great it was at Boondocks in Springfield, Ill where we were right up against the stage.  
Her friend mentioned they were going back to Erie later this year.  Has anybody heard that?  I didn't see it on their tour schedule yet.
BTW my mom is 73...I can only hope I'm that cool at that age :#DFW:
by army mom
on Thu Aug 25, 2016 3:34 pm
Topic: Erie, PA - Aug 18
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