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Wisconsin State Fair: Aug. 4-5, 2017

Okay. Full disclosure. I am a bad forum member as I have not posted since the one above. No good excuse that I can think of, just nothing to contribute I guess. That has changed. Grab a cup of coffee or your favorite Patron (I now have three in my cabinet) and read on....

Two of us on the road, pick up #3 at the airport in Milwaukee and connect with new #4 (fresh in from somewhere in Wisconsin!). Send fond thoughts to missing old #4 (New York) and #5 (Chicago, a certain PP). Enough said, their absence was noted. Friday day was cold, rainy and cloudy...not so sure about this outdoor venue at this point but it all worked out...except for me, I found the sound unbalanced and way too loud. I ended up going to the back for a different and as enjoyable listening experience.

Who was on deck: Rah, Mummy Yo, High Priest of Death (HIPOD), Tut, Cass, Eddie, Flu, Midnight. They opened with My Party and then...fuck, who remembers the song lists anyway? Not me. I do know (in random order) that they placed Single Double Triple, Make it Shake, Peccadillo, Fenk Shue, Underground, Pants (it was quite a lot of fun being in the back and listening to the men say/sing the lyrics as loud as they could, because, well they could!), Rah, Friction and more. We were treated to 4 Bari saxes and one tenor sax played by 3 mummies toward the end, M/G: Eddie, Spaz, Rah, Flu, Midnight...

Saturday: All I can say is this: better show than Friday. I stayed up front (sound was much better, plus I kept earplugs in the whole time). There seemed to be a high level of energy from all of them. Mummy Yo was not present for day 2. Some very interesting and amusing features on Saturday. Flu took a 5 minute "break" during the solos in Underground. Picture it: reclining somewhat on the box/stand where Spaz has his stuff. As he listens to the music, he nods his head in time and begins to direct them with his hand. Eventually Super Dave brings out a cup of tea or coffee for him on a tray with a linen napkin. Flu takes a sip and waves him on. Hilarious. At one point (same song I think), Cass just sits between Rah and Mummy Yo (maybe, I have a notoriously bad memory) while they do their conversational solos) and then he falls back and lies on the platform for a few minutes. Spaz was absolutely spastic up there! I just started watching him: waving his arms back and forth, and back and forth...Cass was jumping and thumping the floor with more energy than the night before as well. When he was digging with his guitar, he almost hit the floor with it! He broke a string later and did not really notice it until he went to play again (this was near the end when he was introducing band members. Also: for KindaLingers, he re-told the story about being censored the year before in Chicago. Fantastic show all around. The set for the second night was slightly different as well. They added Bootie, Bring it Down, Believe, and Wonders of the World.

Fantastic weekend.
by SrtaBe
on Sun Aug 06, 2017 4:23 pm
Topic: Wisconsin State Fair: Aug. 4-5, 2017
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